The Rules of Love 2

COMPLETE 1 Seasons - 12 Episodes

The Rules of Love 2 (2019) is a chinese drama talking about In the second season, Yang Luo Tian and Lie Heng Yu finally began to face each other’s feelings, and Song Hao Han finally found that he had fallen in love with this simple and kind girl after using the fall. The emotional entanglement of the three people was friendship…rising to love. At the same time, Mu Shishi and Qiao Yingzai learned about the identity of Yang Luo Tian (as a girl). Song Hui also found that the identity of the fall celebration was very unusual, so she launched an investigation… Can Yang Luo Tian continue to be in Seng Wa as a boy? How will this fascinating mermaid love develop?

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25m 2019 73 views