The Crowned Clown

COMPLETE 1 Seasons - 16 Episodes

The Crowned Clown is a 2019 Korean Drama series starring Yeo Jin-goo and Lee Se-young.
Also known as: The Man Who Became King / Gwanghae, The Man Who Became King / Masquerade
Air time: Monday & Tuesday

The story takes place at a time in Joseon history, when upheaval and power struggles surrounding the throne had reached extreme levels. In order to escape those who plan to assassinate him, the king puts a clown, who looks exactly like him, on the throne.

a Sun parents died in his childhood due to an epidemic. He was saved by a group of clowns. Ha Sun became one of them. During their performance, Ha Sun would play King Lee Hun due to their similar physical appearance. Now, Ha Sun is nervous that someone in the palace will find out he is not the real king. He falls for beautiful Queen Yoo So-Woon.

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