Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho

COMPLETE 2 Seasons - 20 Episodes

My Lawyer, Mr. Jo 2: Crime and Punishment is a 2019 Korean Drama Series starring Park Shin Yang and Go Hyun Jung.
Also Known as: Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho (Season 2): Crime and Punishment

Jo Deul-Ho, who came from a poor family background, is a promising prosecutor, but he can’t ignore the corruption at his workplace. He becomes a whistle-blower and loses everything. Jo Deul-Ho then works to become a lawyer.

Once a star prosecutor with a bright future, Jo Deul Ho loses everything after becoming a whistleblower against the intolerable corruption he witnesses. He instead rebuilds his life as a lawyer at a small neighborhood law practice, committed to justice and protecting the innocent.
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60m 2016 43 views

Season 1
No episodes available
Season 2
1<img src="//" alt="Image principal-am-i-a-heroine-who-is-in-love-883-poster.jpg">Episode 12019
2<img src="//" alt="Image principal-am-i-a-heroine-who-is-in-love-883-backdrop.jpg">Episode 22019
3<img src="//" alt="Image principal-am-i-a-heroine-who-is-in-love-883-poster.jpg">Episode 32019
4<img src="//" alt="Image principal-am-i-a-heroine-who-is-in-love-883-backdrop.jpg">Episode 42019
5<img src="//" alt="Image Principal: Am I a Heroine Who Is In Love ?">Episode 52019
6<img src="//" alt="Image Closed Note">Episode 62019
7<img src="//" alt="Image Loading&#8230;">Episode 72019
8<img src="//" alt="Image Closed Note">Episode 82019
9<img src="//" alt="Image closed-note-891-poster.jpg">Episode 92019
10<img src="//" alt="Image closed-note-891-backdrop.jpg">Episode 102019
11<img src="//" alt="Image closed-note-891-poster.jpg">Episode 112019
12<img src="//" alt="Image closed-note-891-backdrop.jpg">Episode 122019
13<img src="//" alt="Image The Forest of Wool and Steel">Episode 132019
14<img src="//" alt="Image Loading&#8230;">Episode 142019
15<img src="//" alt="Image The Forest of Wool and Steel">Episode 152019
16<img src="//" alt="Image the-forest-of-wool-and-steel-898-poster.jpg">Episode 162019
17<img src="//" alt="Image the-forest-of-wool-and-steel-898-backdrop.jpg">Episode 172019
18<img src="//" alt="Image the-forest-of-wool-and-steel-898-poster.jpg">Episode 182019
19<img src="//" alt="Image the-forest-of-wool-and-steel-898-backdrop.jpg">Episode 192019
20<img src="//" alt="Image The Forest of Wool and Steel">Episode 202019