He's Coming To Me

COMPLETE 1 Seasons - 8 Episodes

He’s Coming To Me (2019) is Thailand drama talking about Than knowing another Aries (Lion – Prachirangroj) died more than 20 years without anyone ever coming to look. The lonely ghosts like him can only sit and sleep. Wait for the time of the Ching Ming day of each year. But this year, everything has changed. December (Om-Bhawattawangdee) Ten-year-old boy Which, coincidentally, this year, he came to Chengming on the side of Aries’s hole and didn’t know what inspired him to feel pity for Aries’s grave So give the heart-shaped candy that comes with the bag. By which December didn’t know that candies conveyed that feeling to be the beginning of the impression of December. And the little boy promised to return The attention of December made Aries begin to feel good on December. The relationship travels like this every year. Is something that is frustrating Causing December to want to learn the law to find the answer to why the cause of Aries’s death is Until finally he decided to bring the spirit of Aries to the story of love 2. The world of people and spirits took place And grow with the search for a mysterious death puzzle Despite how different But when there is love Everything has an answer in itself. Come to appease the Aries on December He came to the side of my hole. Which airs every Thursday at 8:00 pm on LINE TV. He comes to Ching Ming beside me. Beginning on Thursday, February 28, 2019 Directed by: Nopphachai Wimol Produced by: GMMTV

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